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10 Ways To Come Up With 15+ New Blog Ideas Each Week

online business Aug 15, 2021


If you’re having trouble generating blog post ideas, these ten tactics that we use will ensure that you never run out.

1) Read. A Lot.

every time you read, you fill your mind with awesome ideas that you can use to make your writing better. By reading books by authors you like or are relevant to what you write about, you’re exposing yourself to new writing styles and little nuggets that you may use in your blog posts.

2) Get Into the Habit of Taking Notes

When you are reading something, watching something, or even talking to someone, make sure to remember that little black box you have in your pocket (your phone) and its notes app. At any time, jot down good ideas that you may use for your blog post.

3) Talk to Your Customers

Who knows best what you should write? Your customers. They are the readers that are supporting your vision and your business. If they can tell you what they want to read in your blog, then you can write it.

4) “Copy”...

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