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Showing Up

influencer mindset Jul 23, 2021


When I was younger, this concept never even crossed my mind.

I didn’t have to show up for things because my parents would always make me.

When I got a bit older, this concept started to make more and more of its way into my life: having to show up for class, exams, and fencing practices.

Today, this concept pretty much runs my day-to-day life. Everything I do and the success that it brings is predicated on how much and how well I show up to perform.

If I’m off one day or lack the motivation, it can become difficult to show up — which is very scary.

When your predicament is based on you showing up to do the things other people aren’t willing to do, it can also be very lonely. Nobody is there to back you up, check on you, and punish you if you mess up.

Although this is true, there are also many reasons why committing to showing up can be quite beneficial…

Once you’ve mastered the art of showing up, it becomes a habit that you can rely on when trying new things or looking at things through a new lens. It develops your perspective and one that is unique to you.

even if this perspective is only appreciated by people who take the time to realize it, it can be worth it from a lifestyle point of view.

By living a show-up lifestyle, you’re effectively building something that is truly your own. By committing to showing up for your peers, your fans, and your customers, you’re telling the world that you’re there for them and that you do your best every day to serve them at a high level.

No matter its weight in gold, showing up will always be worth something.


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