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Remembering Your Bliss

influencer mindset Sep 10, 2021


Some people have been in pain for so long that they have forgotten what it's like to feel good.

When you've been through a tough situation, especially when you have for a long period of time, you become desensitized to how it makes you feel.

At first, you know right away that it sucks. But over time, as you resolve yourself to get through it, and you invest all your energies to getting through it, your attention shifts away from the pain, and toward the solution.

As this happens, you tend to forget how feeling good even was, and how good you felt before the tough situation came about. (that's why enjoying the good times when they are happening is key by the way)

As you eventually get through the obstacle you were facing, you may realize that you feel good about it. That you got through it, and that the problem is no longer a threat.
You may think you feel good, but chances are there is more work to do.

Just because you feel better than you did when you were amidst the challenge, it doesn't mean you feel as good as how you were feeling before the obstacle, or as good as you could be feeling.

At your peak, say you're at 100%. Are you, or were you, at 100% after what happened? Chances are the answer is no, although you may want it to be - this would be wishful thinking.

The most important point that I want to bring up here is that it's okay to realize that you're not at 100% and that you're on your way there, even if you aren't at 100 right away.

If you can remember your bliss, and remember what it's like to be at your best, then you are one step closer to actually getting there, obstacle or not.




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