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The Power Of Un-Focus

influencer mindset Dec 17, 2021

Most people harp on about how focus is the be-all, end-all for success in life and business.

They say that without focus, you're "all over the place" or missing the point altogether.

Some would even compare lack of focus to a mental disorder such as Attention Deficit.

This is incredibly limiting and should be addressed.

The concept I am bringing up today is the power of un-focus, which is a term I've invented to explain a very powerful "life-enhancing" technique.

Although focus is a good way to make things happen, un-focus deals with how it happens AND how it is experienced, whatever it is.

So, how do you "un-focus"?

First, understand that it's not about the specific things your attention is on, but about the collection of things in front of you, and how each of these things relate to each other in space and time.

Every object or living thing can be experienced on its own fully, beyond its superficial attributes.

Also, every object or living thing can be experienced in relation to other things, either by paying attention to both things at once or by paying attention to one after the other.

By doing so, you can have a fuller experience and remember more of your life fondly (undoubtedly making you happier), but you'll also unlock the creativity it takes to use your experiences in your life and content.

I hope this was of value to you.



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