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influencer mindset Jul 30, 2021


It feels like these days, everybody has a different opinion: should you be obsessed with your work, or take it easy and find balance.

This is the good old adage saying that you shouldn’t invest all your time in one thing, lest you miss out on everything else the world has to offer.

By keeping your mind open, you’re keeping your options open and allowing yourself to see what options may lie in other pastures.

But when you’re obsessed, you’re only looking ahead of you, at the next step, your next goal, you’re everything.

So which is the correct way to go about it?

Well, there is no right and wrong, because everybody is different.

You’ve got to know yourself and how much you can handle because with every obsession, comes the consequence of it maybe being too much (?)

Can you handle the pressure that quick success in that narrow path may bring to you? Or is it all you’ve been longing for?

Once you know where you stand on that front, then you know how much you can be willing to sacrifice to indulge in your obsession.

My two cents,



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