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Creating Alignment In Your Business

foundations May 12, 2022


Whether you're growing a personal brand or another type of business the most important thing is alignment:

Are you able to align your brand messaging with what your brand is all about, and is your business operating in alignment with all of that?

If you're able to do these things correctly, then it'll make sense for your audience to become buyers, and vice-versa.

Image credit: Edz Norton

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Why Genuine Content Always Wins



Most people wonder why their content doesn't "pop".

Most of the time it's because they are either trying too hard or the content is just getting ignored.

Although it can be easy to think that the more effort you put into content, the better it is, the truth is that you must find a healthy compromise.

You need to get your head around the fact that content that reflects who you are and what your brand is all about is the best content to put up.

As you're building a brand, people come to expect certain things. And one of these things is content that resonates with the ambition you're trying to bring to fruition.

Your audience wants content that is true to you, and you want to be able to deliver it to them.

If you can deliver content regularly that resonates, your audience will love you forever.

The only way to do this is by sharing genuine content that is relevant to both your brand and your audience's expectations.

So go out there and define your...

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The Importance Of Individuality As An Influencer

foundations Apr 14, 2022


Becoming your own brand can be a tedious process.

But that doesn't mean that there aren't any shortcuts.

One of these shortcuts is to understand individuality.

If you're able to show up as an individual, as opposed to a copycat, you're more likely to capture your audience's attention.

We're tired of the same old song playing over and over.

But as an individual, you're able to embrace your niche and thrive, spreading your message wildly and with honesty.

This is what people are waiting for.

Image credit: Markus Spiske

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How To Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

influencer mindset Apr 07, 2022


Many people are struggling these days but they don't know why.

The main reason for people's struggles is having some "limiter" making their life more difficult.

What is a limiter?

It's something that stands between you and making your ambition come true, and "limits" your potential.

You can see how bothersome having too many of these can be, especially as an influencer trying to grow a brand and build a business.

The problem with limiters is not only the fact that they limit you, but it's the fact that they come with a whirlwind of other problems.

A limiter is fatiguing, meaning it makes you tired and sucks out energy better used for other tasks.

Left to its own device, a limiter can become such an issue that most people actually prefer to let it simmer and leave things to chance.

The only solution here is to destroy/remove/overcome this limiter using reliable strategies.

Only then can you muster up the courage to take the risks and leaps of faith that inevitably come...

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How To Find Your Next Influencer Opportunity

foundations Mar 31, 2022


Opportunity knocks, but not always.

Sometimes, something may look like an opportunity when it really isn't.

And making a move on something that is not an opportunity can hurt both your brand and business, and it's not pretty.

To make sure you're never making that mistake, let me share something with you.

It's an easy way to make sure your perspective stays stellar when it comes to making the right decisions day in and day out.

What I want you to pay attention to is the market.

It will tell you how things are but also where you fit within the market itself.

By taking a birds-eye-view of the market, you'll be able to see the opportunities that present themselves.

For some reason, people associate value with rarity, even if it has to do with actions.

For example, would you value more a diamond or a street rock? 

We value the diamond more because it's rare.

And, in the same way, people seem to value rare actions more than common ones as well.

A word...

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influencer mindset Mar 24, 2022

What you focus on matters.

But your interpretation of what you focus on matters even more.

If you're constantly thinking one thing leads to another when it doesn't.

Or thinking that one thing isn't correlated to (or causes) another when it does.

It can be very difficult to make sense of what you're doing.

Here's why:

You need to know what causes what, and what hinders what.

That's how you know for sure you're going to get the result that you're looking for.

So how do you do this?

1. Chunk your activities and pay attention to how it's affecting your results.

2. Find out which chunk is making the most impact.

3. Focus on improving the chunks that make the most impact and doing less of the chunks that make the least impact, or even hinder things.

Over time, with this in mind, you're bound to make strides in what you're doing, online, offline and in your business.

Image credit: Umberto

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Arrogance vs Confidence In The World Of Influencers

influencer mindset Mar 17, 2022

Arrogance is often confused with confidence.

The two are not the same.

Being arrogant is having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities,

Whereas -

Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something.

The two differ also in the results they get you in everyday life.

Arrogance gets you nowhere because it latches on to people's sense of insecurity. This is due to the fact that often, and throughout history, arrogance has been associated with lies and treachery. It is ingrained in us to almost "hate" arrogance.

On the other hand,

A confident person is usually welcomed and celebrated.

The reason for this is that all confidence stems from an innate ability to help people. One who is confident in a skill can exercise that skill with less effort than someone who isn't.

So why do people confuse them? Because they both have a similar promise: performance.

But only the confident person is likely to...

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The Power Of Un-Focus

influencer mindset Dec 17, 2021

Most people harp on about how focus is the be-all, end-all for success in life and business.

They say that without focus, you're "all over the place" or missing the point altogether.

Some would even compare lack of focus to a mental disorder such as Attention Deficit.

This is incredibly limiting and should be addressed.

The concept I am bringing up today is the power of un-focus, which is a term I've invented to explain a very powerful "life-enhancing" technique.

Although focus is a good way to make things happen, un-focus deals with how it happens AND how it is experienced, whatever it is.

So, how do you "un-focus"?

First, understand that it's not about the specific things your attention is on, but about the collection of things in front of you, and how each of these things relate to each other in space and time.

Every object or living thing can be experienced on its own fully, beyond its superficial attributes.

Also, every...

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How To Come Up With Content Ideas For Your Social Media Channels



In today's world, a lot of people are making content.

Some of these people even post it on social media sites, and some quite often.

If you're just starting out, it's best to be thinking about your first few pieces of content.

The question is: "are you entertaining a community around yourself, or are you niche-ing down?"

From there, you'll be able to determine the direction you're willing to take.

If you're entertaining a community around yourself, then you must make content that aligns with your current circle's friend group.

If you're entertaining a community around a niche, you must make sure your account is about the niche industry, and congregating people who like that topic. Otherwise, it's best to just make a new account.

If your next piece of content is aligned with what is mentioned above, I'm sure it'll be a grand slam.



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Remembering Your Bliss

influencer mindset Sep 10, 2021


Some people have been in pain for so long that they have forgotten what it's like to feel good.

When you've been through a tough situation, especially when you have for a long period of time, you become desensitized to how it makes you feel.

At first, you know right away that it sucks. But over time, as you resolve yourself to get through it, and you invest all your energies to getting through it, your attention shifts away from the pain, and toward the solution.

As this happens, you tend to forget how feeling good even was, and how good you felt before the tough situation came about. (that's why enjoying the good times when they are happening is key by the way)

As you eventually get through the obstacle you were facing, you may realize that you feel good about it. That you got through it, and that the problem is no longer a threat.
You may think you feel good, but chances are there is more work to do.

Just because you feel better than you did when you were amidst the...

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